Monday, August 2, 2010

Crimes against our ocean...

           This is a rant... Our earth is being taken for granted, why do we not fix it right the first time?
    Why do we have to take these short-cuts... Our ocean animal's are dying while their algeaic food sources are being suffocated, the underwater food chain is literally being poisoned from the ground up!
     Dispersant's, my god, by deduction and basic biology we know that one matter isn't going to just disappear because you add another chemical to it, come on guys, it can transfer, but it's not destroyed, isn't that a law or something??
    Despite what you've been told, in the deep, deep waters, oil plumes exist (as a result of the dispersant's separating the contents of crude oil on the surface, VOC's, volatile organic compounds, rise while the remaining oil contents fall to the bottom.)
      Until recently, the federal government and epa had denied knowledge of theses building pools of poison. Connecting like a separate Nile river beneath the sea's surface, oil plumes continue running their slow & quiet course of death, (one measured at 22 miles long, and another at 15) while our business conscience is clear enough to sleep. After all, now that we don't have to look at the black masses on the surface anymore, the real estate market should bounce back above ground ...
      The 30 % loss of oxygen in and around the plumes means death to innumerable underwater plant and animal species, and all I want to know, is why did our government allow these chemicals to be used, someone had to approve it, so why guys, why'd you do it?
      My throat feels like it's paralyzed, as if all my tears were trying to escape at the same time, but they all got stuck, constricted because there were just too many... My heart feels heavy from the defeating feeling that no matter how urgently I want to inform the masses about our wounded earth, I'm not really going to reach you unless you have the mind frame of wanting to be reached, the audience will have to be previously knowledgeable about the subject, or interested enough to go research it past the end of an article for any substantial change to come, there are just too many facts and building blocks for one piece to accomplish...
      The more I read the more I feel like I'm drowning, it's so much to take. No other spill that I've been able to find has reached 5,000 feet under the sea, it's a new game, and by using dispersant's we are pushing the oil into an area where we as a society still have so much to learn about, we're killing things we don't even know exist yet, why is that okay?