Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Did the US really wait 70 days to accept help from other countries?

Being in the south Ive been hearing alot of anti-Obama outbursts. At first I thought it was the general red-state slight talking, I even stood up for our present administration and got so frustrated that I almost threw my coffee cup at my foxnews lovin father. He calls me a liberal, I say I’m objective, in all honesty I spoke to soon and I am now swallowing my words. Is it possible that our country has really reused help from other countries for 70 days?? We finally accepted help on June 29th from 12 countries, but why did it take so long?? I have to do more research on this but I’ll post more information soon, I eed some time to level my head and bring the facts objectively cause I’m so tired of he biased bullshit, no amount of money could motivate me to spread innacurate information, these things influence our opinions and if you look at history, our opinions are what start wars….