Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oil slick in Perdido Bay

Well I just went water skiing in a little nook off Perdido Bay, the first time I’ve gone out since I’ve been in Pensacola, Florida. We had thought we found a clean area but as I was skiing around jumpin the wake and having a blast, I saw an oil slick half way through the ride. I didn’t tell the driver, my dad, to cut it until we were good and far away from it, and even then I flew out of the water like it was on fire. Once we were docked I hosed myself down as thoroughly as possible and although it was fun for a while, thinking about the possible consequences of swimming in the oily contamination makes me ask, is it worth it? And further, what I find even more concerning than the damages done to my own body, is the fact that shortly after I popped up on my ski we powered by a little pod of three dolphins, two of which were breeding, and that oil slick has unapologetically entered their home. Swallow that.